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Fox Star Studios, Dharma Productions and Phantom’s Shaandaar (UA) is a romantic comedy. Jagjinder Joginder (Shahid Kapoor) is a wedding organiser. He is in charge of the wedding of Esha Arora (Sanah Kapoor) with Robin Fundwani (Vikas Verma). Esha is the daughter of Bipin Arora (Pankaj Kapur) and Neetu (Niki Walia) and the grand-daughter of Kamla Arora (Sushma Seth) who is tyrannical, to say the least. Robin is the brother of Harry Fundwani (Sanjay Kapoor). Alia (Alia Bhatt) is the adopted daughter of Bipin Arora. Kamla Arora hates Alia and loses no opportunity to insult and humiliate her.

As luck would have it, both, Alia and Jagjinder Joginder, are insomniacs. Bipin Arora loves both his daughters and is very sad that Alia can’t sleep. In the hope that she’d be able to sleep some day and, therefore, dream too, he keeps sketching dreams for her on paper and gifts those…

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