Why Engineers need to update their technical skills?

The concept of Change Management is prevalent everywhere in the industry, our society as well as in our life-style and way of living also. One who is not flexible enough cannot exist in today’s world. In a world where technology is transforming rapidly there is a continuous need to update your skills, knowledge and learning. Attitude and flexibility is perhaps the two most important key elements for success. Indian education system is degrading day by day. Students have a huge passion to choose for the streams of Engineering or Medicine without assessing their aptitude. Ultimately they end up having degrees without any job. The colleges and institution cannot provide them suitable placements because there is vast gap between what is taught in colleges and what the industry demands.

Education in schools and colleges always emphasize on rote learning, mugging up of the concepts without understanding into the depth and a student is judged on the basis of his performance in three hours duration of the examination which is worst. The result is lakhs of engineering students are produced every year without having jobs. The Engineering graduates only learn the basics because whatever curriculum the colleges or institutes provides are very standard. There is absolutely no exposure of technical education.

There lies the underlying significance why an Engineering graduate should update their technical skills and knowledge. Software Engineers must constantly update their skills and knowledge to remain competitive and adapt to the rapid changes and advances in a computer technology. The Engineering graduates should go for a practical training after every semester to implement whatever they are learning. They should take their training from reputed training companies that so that they are exposed with the industrial environment. There are various training companies situated in metropolitan cities like Noida, Bangalore, and Hyderabad which provides Technical training to the Engineering graduates. There is no point in following a culture which is purely examination- centric without real-life application because there is a huge gap between the Engineering course content and the requirements of an Engineering Service Industry. This gap is perceived during the interview time and also when students are pursuing their internship programs.

The biggest gap is the practical application and knowledge of industry oriented practices related to the requirements of a particular role. One of the reasons for the gap is a fundamental lacuna in the Engineering education framework. Most of the colleges produce Engineering graduates but they are not productive during the first 6 months to 1 year and the companies are not interested to invest on the training.

So it is mandatory for the students to get trained in some reputed training companies so that they can improve their technical skill sets. Few key points are

Continuously update them on latest cutting-edge technologies which are in demand and which are currently practiced in industry.

They should do trainings on specialized topics.

They should get exposure into real life industrial projects. For eg. For students in Electronics Engineering students should do their project in a manner that where digital, analog, processor and programming are brought together.

With the demand in hi-tech design projects coming to India in areas such as telecom, aerospace, automotive and industrial automation the industry has been exposed to very special level of product design, development, testing. So companies are searching for people with specialized skill sets and quality talent.

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