5 Unforgivable misconceptions about south Indians.

An eye opener to people with misconceptions about south India

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No.1 : “The Madrasi”
Everyone out there who thinks that all south Indians are Madrasis, Madras is a former name for Chennai( like Bombay and Mumbai) which is in Tamilnadu. Apart from Tamilnadu, we have Karnataka, Kerala, Goa , Telangana and Seemandhra (formerly Andhrapradesh) consisting South India.
So its not okay to call all of us Madrasis because, even if you call someone from Tamilnadu as a Madrasi their is a fair chance that they don’t belong to Madras!.
No.2 : Rajnikanth must be your favourite hero.
I am a south Indian and I personally like Mr.Rajnikanth. But ,we have separate movie industries for each of the states mentioned above which has equally amazing legends. For example Dr.Rajkumar for the kannada film industry. There are people who do not understand Tamil and hence do not watch Tamil movies by which they can become a Rajnikanth fan.
So next time when…

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