Sneak Peek at Existing Education System in India

Education system is undoubtedly one of the key factors which decides the destiny of any nation. A quality education system provides a strong foundation to the youth from where they can take their country to new heights. Unfortunately standards of education system in our country is always taken for granted. There is no doubt that the percentage of educated youth in our country is increasing every year. But, at the same time we can’t deny that fact that, the percentage of unemployed graduates and post graduates has also increased rapidly during last five to ten years.

One of the biggest reason behind this is the lack of practical education to the students, especially in the technical and professionals’ courses like engineering (B.E, B.Tech), management (MBA, PGDM) etc. In the present scenario, where most of the employment opportunities are in MNCs and other privately held organizations it has become a necessity to be a ‘Job Ready’ candidate. The irony of our education system is that it is creating unwanted monstrous numbers of unskilled literates. Having bachelors and masters degrees are not just enough for getting jobs in the present times. One must be a well-skilled in terms of technology of his/her interest. The current education system is just providing degrees on the basis of theoretical knowledge which is not just enough. The below mentioned statistics and quotes from various reliable sources clearly indicates that how our youth is suffering because of our current education system.


These facts and figures are quite enough to explain the quality of our education system and its standards. It high time that our education system must start giving much needed consideration of the practical learning instead of theoretical approach which is currently being followed. Our youth is struggling to earn their bread and butter today just because of poor education system. This is the bitter fact which everybody of us knows in the core of our hearts. And this is not just the problem of our youth today but in fact a national issue which is somehow restricting the country of grow.

Today, when we talk about competing with world power like United States of America, are we really achieving what is needed from our education system? In the end it’s not about how many educational institutes and how many of us are getting our degrees in the end of the day. It’s about how many of us are contributing in the nation’s growth. I think, after this you will never question that whether our education system is good or not..!