The reasons behind the success of android training programs

In the recent times, monstrous progress has been noticed in the popularity chart of the android training program. Android training programs are most popular among students enrolled in, b.e, mca and other technical degrees, master degrees and even among diploma students.

There are some genuine reasons behind the increasing popularity and demand of android training programs. The major three reasons are –

1) Ample numbers of job opening in the market.

2) Handsome salary package offers by companies.

3) Possibilities of Professionals growth and salary hike.

These factors are the most important for any students, pass out students or any working professional while getting enrolled for any training programs. Android training is one of the rare training program which offers all these advantages to the candidates and guides them to crack the toughest of the interviews being managed by leading companies for their hiring needs.

Every mobile manufacturing company whether it is a one of the leading company or it is newly launched company, everyone is in hunt for candidates with outstanding android attainments. These companies know this fact very well that the only way of surviving in such a competitive market is to provide never before android applications to the users. People look’s for android phones with latest applications which were not there in the previous version of the phone. The companies which are launching new android applications consistently are making maximum profit out of the market.

Students also understand the save way to enter the corporate sector as a android application developers is by getting trained by professionals with industrial exposure on android applications development in a well known and established company. In past few months, it has been also noticed that some of training institutes are cheating students and professionals on the name of android training.

These institute make fake promises of providing industrial training on android but don’t. In fact, these institutes hardly train. The only thing which is being taught to the students is the basic of the android on the board and nothing else.

Knowing the basic is not enough for entering the companies but in fact, hand-on experience on android applications is required. Getting hand-on experience on android is only possible in companies dealing in industrial training programs along with other corporate services.

Students and professionals can only make it through android training in company instead of training institute. Many of the students Searches for stipend basis internship programs but in the present scenario it is very difficult to find such company. The best way is to select a company of your choice and join android training on self support basis. The main advantage of self support android training is nobody takes you for granted. This happens in most of the organization where training and internship programs are free of cost. No one takes pain to guide students in such organizations.

Apart from training standards, there are some important issues too. Like working environment of companies boost up the other qualities of candidates like communications, client dealing etc. Another thing which must in the mind of the students and professionals while going for android training is course content. The course content must be up-to date as per the latest industry pattern.

CETPA Infotech Pvt. Ltd, is one of the leading brand name in android training in northern India.


What Makes Android training So Importuned Nowadays

There are large numbers of mobile applications and development training courses available in the I.T training division in the present times. Different companies are charging different training fees for these mobile phone development training programs as per their standards.

Android training is leading all the ways in the mobile development training categories. Maximum numbers of students who are interested in mobile development are opting for android training. Almost 85 to 90 % students are interested in android training rather than in any other mobile development training. Like the popularity of android enabled phones in the market, the popularity of android developers and android training are increasing respectively.

There are some genuine reason behind the strengthen adoration of the android phones, applications and training programs too. The major reasons which makes android phones and training so demanded is their reasonable availability. Whether it is android cell phones or a android training programs, people from almost every category of the society can easily afford it. There are still many who don’t know that android is in fact a operating system and is a open source of Google i.e. android applications and every other related things can be accessed free of cost. Google itself is lending and looking after ANDROID OPEN SOURCE PROJECT. Google also looks after the development and maintenance of the android. The main motive of creating android open source was to enhance and amend the mobile understanding and experience of the users.

Basically, android phones are the phones which everybody wants and thus are very desirable. Android phone’s comes with some never before mobile apps i.e. applications like Wireless charging which enables user to charge their cell phone without using any charger or any other charging device. There is another latest application in android phones which is named as 4-G LTE i.e. 4th Generation Long Term Evolution which enables users to access internet at lightening fast speed.

Every student’s wants to earn as much as money he/she can but for that they need a career which have the possibilities of career and salary growth. Android development sector have it all. Android versions keeps on updating every now and than. Some of the versions of androids are –

1) 1.5 Cupcake

2) 1.6 Donut

3) 2.0, 2.1 Eclair

4) 2.2 Froyo

5) 2.3.x Gingerbread

6) 3.x.x Honeycomb

7) 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich

8) 4.1.x Jelly Bean.

The reason behind the launching of new version of android phones is to offer more improved and creativity applications to the users. So, that user’s don’t switch to any other cell phones range. Android developers are provided with short term android training before starting working on upcoming version of android so that professionals are able to understand that on what they are going to work on in the future.

There are android training available for students also, where are student’s can learn fundamentals of android training through practical implementation. Android training is highly exhorted by counseling experts to the students who are interested in mobile development because it provides them a solid foundation and a reason for being hired in top mobile companies.

Some of the android experts go for self paid android training programs in order to keep their skills up to date. Android developers must keep upgrading their attainments for their long run in the corporate world because growth and survival in the android field is directly dependent on the skills of the professionals.

What makes android training so different and demanding

Mobile Phones are whole new face of the entertainment for the human beings on the move. Cell phones nowadays are not just used for interacting with people but works as a complete gadget which offers overall entertainment of the users.

Mobile phone sector is one of the most competitive among other sector of the market. In the present times, a whole new range of cell phones are being launched by various companies for grabbing the attention of the users. The desire of the users of getting more and more entertaining and useable applications in their mobile phones is responsible for this competition in the mobile and communication subdivision. There are multiple ranges of mobile phones available in the market with different price tags but the most acceptable are android phones.

Majority of the users are going for android phones rather than any other class of the mobile phones. There are many aspects which makes android phones complete apart from other mobile phones. There are two main factors which makes android phones first choice of the users except applications (apps) i.e.

First one is Security and

Second one is Privacy.

Android phones are one of the most secure phones to use as they comes with Sandbox feature with them i.e. all the android applications run in an isolated area of the operating system known as Sandbox which can’t access the other resources of the cell phones. Moreover, after considering the popularity of the android phones many of the antivirus software developing companies have launched separate range of antivirus software specially designed for android phones.

When it comes to privacy, android phones are able to locate the Wi-Fi access point unlike other mobile phones which usually don’t have this feature. Apart from security and privacy there are some other amazing features too which makes android phones so desirable. Android phone’s comes with online Software store uniquely designed for android devices by Google known as Google Play. Google Play also hosts application which is popularly known as Play store which enables users to download and browse android applications developed by other parties.

In short, we can say that android phones are complete package for the users. Android phones are not just mobile phones but in facts have almost that everything which users need to have in their mobile phones. Apart from user’s point of view, android phones have increased the company’s revenue to a great extent. Mobile companies are making huge profits by launching new breeds of android phones at regular intervals of time.

The key to success of these mobile companies lies in the android developers which develops these innovative applications for android phones. Mobile companies are competing with each other to get more quality android developers which making their android phones and application completely different and demanding.

Android developers are very hard to find because android is a very fresh concept and numbers of well skilled professionals are very few. For hiring deserving android developers, companies usually plans industrial visits to training organization.

Many of the mobile companies are also trying their luck in training sector also especially in android training. Android training is one of the most demanded training programs among I.T students.
Training companies are the new address for Student’s who wants to get placed in mobile manufacturing. The reason behind this is mobile companies are simply trusting well known training for getting well skilled android developers.

Enter the million dollar industry with android training

Mobile phone is one of the basic necessities of human being nowadays. Human beings are greatly dependent on the mobile phone for smooth running for their daily activities. In fact, it is very difficult to imagine life without mobile phone.

Mobile phones are one such category of the products available in the market which always remain in demand and are unaffected of the ups and downs of the market. In the present times, mobile has become a style statement for the youngsters. Cell phones are not just cell phones in the present times as they are used as a complete gadget full of applications and features. The cell phones which are available in the market are the new face of cell phone consisting smart features and are called smart phones.

Android phones are the most appropriate example of smart phone present in the market. Android phones have all those things which are needed in a cell phone. There are separate categories available for different types of users present in the market. For example, for business class persons there are android phones with extra advanced business features like e-mailing, video chatting, presentation options and many more. On the other hand, the other Category of android phones which are designed keeping youngsters in mind having features like Facebook, twitter, latest gaming option etc.

Android phones of every brand whether it is a big or a small one are available in the market. There are android phones available in the market which everyone can buy. There are multiple options present for every range of android phone because almost every mobile phone company is launching a whole new range of android phones at much affordable prices. For the survival and profit purposes companies are doing so.

Every now and then companies are visiting training companies where student’s from different part of the country comes for android training. Mobile companies are visiting training companies in place of engineering colleges because they need candidates with android development skills which can do wonders for these companies. The candidates whom companies desires for the android development are very hard to find in the colleges. The best place of finding such candidates is training companies where student’s specially comes for training or internship opportunities.

Visiting training companies for hiring android developers is very beneficial from company’s point of view. In the training company, the numbers of students are not as huge as in the engineering colleges. Moreover, the probability of getting the right candidate is very high in the training companies. There is a genuine reason behind the high chances of getting deserving candidates as only those students who are really very serious and are passionate about their career in the field of android development comes to these training companies. In short, we can say that only cream candidates comes for android training who are very sure about their career.

The benefit of hiring these well trained android development trainees is companies don’t have to tell them each and every thing related to android development as they have strong basics as well as have advanced skills which are required for android development.

Android training can be done whenever student’s wants to as there is no such compulsion for getting enrolled for this training programs. The only thing which students must know before android training is core Java. Students must makes sure that their Java concept must be clear before starting learning android because it gets very difficult for student’s to understanding android development without solid Java basics.

Android training for wild card entry in the mobile developement industry

Everyday there is a new mobile application in the market. No doubts, the mobile industry is in its most ever changing phase in the present times. Mobile phones for all ranges are available in the market keeping the view of every category of the customers present in the nation. Mobiles with most of the advanced features yet with minimum cost are available in the market.

If we about new range of advanced mobile phones, the first name which comes to our mind is android phones. Android phones have completely overcome the previous range of mobile phone available in the market. Almost every mobile manufacturing company is dealing in android mobile nowadays. Android phone range starts from one thousand India rupees and goes on with quality and features of the particular model of the android phone. There are many factors which makes android phones a much better choice than other cell phone. For example overall look of android phones are very trendy and attracts youngsters. The best feature of the android phones is their applications like uninterrupted net surfing especially the social networking sites. Android phone with application especially designed for social networking which gives users the experience that they are using their PC or laptops for accessing these websites.

In nutshell, we can say that applications of the android phones are its soul. Till date no other operating system is available to support such out of the box mobile phones application’s and are still in their improvement phase. Android phones are now the first choice of the users. Competition is not between android phone and other phones but the competition is in between companies which are manufacturing android phones on the basis of applications. Companies are in competition with each other by launching more new android applications to stay on the top in the market.

That is why there is no bar for well skilled android developers in the market. Unlike other there is no restriction for android developers like qualification background and other factors which are considered while hiring for any of the post. Only skills are required for getting android developer jobs with great salary packages. To learn android applications development is not hard thing to do. Students can easily learn android by joining android training programs.

Students with clear fundamentals of Java can easily learn android through android training as Java basics are required for understanding android. Usually it not takes too long to learn android development skills. Students must try to get android training on live projects i.e. to get trained on android by staying under the guidance of android development experts while they are working on any of their android development projects because for learning industry level skills one need to have industrial exposure on real time basis.

Once if students get’s success in learning android development skills via android training they can easily apply and get job on the merit of their skills even if they are Fresher’s also. Companies are hiring android developers on their capabilities of developing new and innovative android application and not on any other criteria. Android training do not takes long time but students must make sure that they must learn Java basic before going for android training.

Android training Your Need Of The Hour

As we all know that android developers are highly paid because of the increasing popularity and demand of the android cell phones and applications. Android cell phones and applications has got tremendous response in the Indian mobile phone market. As android applications are far better then other applications which were present in other cell phones before android hit the market. Android phones are quite compatible with Google application like Gmail, Google map etc as Android itself is a OPEN SOURCE of Google. Applications like Google map and talking tom are being loved by all categories of society specially the youth. Android phones has taken Social networking to the next level as access to these social networking and micro blogginf sites are very smooth and takes very less time for browsing these sites.

A new version of android phones are being launched at regular interval of time nowadays with new features and applications. Companies dealing in android phone development wants dynamic android developers who can develop some more extra ordinary android applications in order to make maximum business from the market. But to figure out the quality android application developer is not a easy task. To deal with this OTAMate Technology Ltd, the group which originated Android Academy ied up with the Steely Eye Digital Media, the organization which is running Symbian Academy for the very first accreditation programs i.e the Android Academy Certified Developer (AACD) programme.

The motive behind this Android Academy Certified Developer (AACD) programme is to maintain competency in the android industry world wide. This is done in the form of online test which candidates gives for the analysis of the android development skills. The best of this online test is it’s software in the back end which offers a completely different online test every time. Android Academy Certified Developer (AACD) programme has greatly helped android development companies in identifying the quality android developers. Now companies can easily figure out the skills of the candidates just by a online test.

This has lead to increasing demand of android training. As developers don’t wants to take their chance with Android Academy Certified Developer (AACD) programme. So android developers are trusting android training for cracking these online test for the recruitment in the leading android development companies.

Working android professionals as well as students who wants to make career in android development field are now going for android training for learning more advanced android development skills. During these android training, working professionals get training on advanced android topics in which companies them to be expertise according to their work experience and students get training on basic fundamental which helps them to crack these online test for getting entry level job in the leading android development.

Android training are turning to be biggest savior for android developers in cracking the toughest test for their growth.

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