Learn android applications development skills this summer training

The most often question which students ask during the summer training enrollment is which technology will be more beneficial from their career point of view. No doubts, project work and certification are two important aspects but getting jobs in the prime concern of the students.

Usually students want to opt for a technology which is quite easy to understand and interesting but yet have future scope for them in term of profession. In fact, there are only few technologies which are easy to learn and can assure a safe and secure career ahead. It is very crucial for the students to choose right technology for their summer training as it is a “Game Changer” factor which can turn them into highly paid professionals from jobless Fresher’s.

Newly entered technologies like android can really help students to get jobs with ease. The reason behind this is that there are no well experienced professionals in the field of freshly arrived technology so it increases the chances of the well skilled Fresher’s of getting jobs. If we talk about recently passed out information technology and computer science technology professionals, android is the most recommended technology for them in the present scenario.

As most of the students know something about Java and can easily switch to android just by brushing up their core java skills. It is very necessary for the candidates to have strong command over core java for smooth understanding of android applications development. Once candidates finishes with burshing up their java skills, they can immediately starting their summer training on android. Candidates can wrap up their core java during their winter breaks on 15 days and can carry on with this advance mobile phone applications development during their summer breaks.

Candidates must start searching a software development which also deals in industrial training programs for technical students especially engineering ones. It is very important for the candidates to get real environment where some industrial android development activities are being done in order to get some profit from the mobile market in India. Candidates are not only supposed to understand the technology only but they must understand the business generation procedures of the companies.

Usually, candidates do not understand the basic difference between companies and institutes which cost them a lot during their time of appearing in the on campus placement drive of the companies as most of them considers the internship experience of the companies rather than of institutes. In the present times, companies not just expects a Fresher’s to be just good at the technical skills but also at other important aspects which are required for the growth of the company on behalf of an individual.

The competition is so tough in the mobile sector today that companies needs android developers having innovation and foresight so that they capabilities can really help companies in beating their competitors in term of business. So, students can recommend working on their problem areas like communication, thinking abilities, etc for making them a perfect choice of the companies for their jobs.

Students should not wait anymore and must get their space reserved for summer training on android in 2013 in the leading internship and software development companies in cities like Noida especially.


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