Join summer training for learning and not for getting certificates.

Leading technical universities and colleges included summer training in their four year of academic curriculum of engineering so that students can get time for making themselves upgraded in both the senses i.e. technically as well as personally.

When it comes to work in a multi-national companies which most of the engineering students do after the completion of their studies is completely different from their daily schedule during their colleges days Corporate life is quite tough as everybody knows and sometimes it leads to frustration and negativity among young professional who don’t have much experience about it. To avoid this unwanted situation educational experts introduced summer training for making students comfortable in adjusting in the companies during their initial days.

After understanding the need and getting outstanding response from students summer training was made compulsory for the B.Tech, B.E. students of every branch in most of the engineering institute whether they are government or private once. But, unfortunately majority of the students don’t join these much need learning module for learning updated version of technology and professionalism but for the sake of getting certificate.

Certificates are the prime concern of the candidates while joining these short term courses and not learning. Summer training is a formality for most of the students more than a need nowadays. But, somehow it cost them a lot after completion of their respective courses as most of them struggles badly for getting jobs which is quite hard without having upgraded technical skills and professional personality.

It’s just the carelessness of the students which lead them frustration and failure. As, students concentrates more on roaming around and other activities which are not so needed during their summer breaks It hardly takes one month or few more days than a months to complete summer training in a reputed company. Students can enjoy themselves during this particular point to time as well as it hardly takes few hours to complete the daily session of this short term technical learning but must revise their daily task for understanding of the technology which they are learning.

For learning professionalism candidates can spend as much as their time with the professionals who are guiding them. As, the training professionals in leading organization are highly professional and well versed. Candidates can not only learn technical attainments from these quality working corporates but can also groom their overall personality just by keeping their eyes on them.

Summer training can be learning experience for the candidates, if they can few some important important points in their mind –

1) Candidates must join put up in a city where there are best internship organization located.

2) Market research must be done before joining any of the company.

3) Candidates must confirm whether they will be working on a live project or not during their training.

4) What will be timing of the classes?

5) Acceptance of the certificate i.e. whether the certification which company is providing the candidates as a proof of successful completion of training is acceptable everywhere or not.

6) Project guidance – whether trainers will assist candidates during their project development or they will just deliver the training.

Apart from above mentioned points, students must realize that how important it is for them to take their summer training seriously.

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