How 6 months industrial training programs are productive and essential

The most significant part of the study of any technical degree course in the IT field or Electronics field like BTECH, BE, MCA, BSCIT, MSCIT, BCA is the 6month industrial training. It constitutes a complete semester in which an individual is trained in the most professional manner to meet the bars and standards of the industry. These 6 month industrial training have been designed in a manner so that students get a chance to work with live industrial project and in turn also helps in the transition process from a student to a thorough professional.

This 6 month industrial training provides the companies with the skilled and competent workforce that suits with the demands, needs and requirements of the industry. Students most of the times are under compulsion when they undergo any short term training courses like summer training, winter training. They are under pressure because they have to submit their certificates to get their degree. But in case of 6 months training the scenario is very different. It is a well known fact that India is a thickly populated country. The population is increasing by leaps and bounds. But jobs and gainful avenues cannot be created in the same proportion. So, naturally, a large section of the people is left unemployed. Every year thousands and thousands of engineering graduates pass out of schools and colleges. With engineering colleges popping up in every parts of the country like mushrooms, the overall quality of engineers produced in India is degrading. So strong hands on practical exposure is very much required in the cut throat competition.

Why students should go for a 6months training program?

1) Students are working on live industrial projects.

2) The students get the training from technical expert who have got rich experience of corporates.

3) Exposure on some of the latest technologies like Android, Silverlight, Joomla, WCF, EMBEDDED SYSTEM, ROBOTICS, ETHICAL HACKING.

4) In-depth knowledge of a technology along with strong practical exposure will help the students to get a good job in the fiercely competitive market.

5) Specialized knowledge of technologies like Php, Java, Dot Net, SEO.

6) Exposure on real life software development or Project Development procedure.

7) 100% placement guarantee.

For this particular reason students should plan very systematically and methodically that from which particular organization they should opt for training. Students are advised that instead of enrolling in a training institute they should go for a company. A Pvt. Ltd company can give much more exposure than an institute. Students have the opportunity to interact with software engineers, technical experts who have already gained rich and appreciable amount of experience in the industry.

Students should go for a 6 months training program from an organization that can execute large and complex turnkey projects, and have built, managed and supported customers’ IT systems across the value chain infrastructure, applications and business processes.

If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate/post-graduate in IT then you may have already heard the term 6 months Industrial Training. It is important because it is the best way to acquire as much knowledge as you can in your field. As an IT/engineering student, training could help you to learn how to implement the concepts you learnt at your classes. The meaning of Training is to acquire a skill. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of a person for doing a particular job. Actual challenges appear when one has to develop real-world software. Training develops confidence in whatever we have learnt. After completing training one will feel much confident about his field. One has got ample scope and opportunity to learn about the latest technology, their implementation in the practical world and to clear their doubts during this 6 months industrial training period.

If you really want a job that is satisfying, pay you well, makes use of your talent and knowledge, then it is inevitable that you should acquire expertise in that field. So while making any decision regarding choosing a training organization think very logically and collect proper statistics about that organization from previous students about their quality of training, placement, infrastructure etc. Remember it’s the question of your life long career.

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