Importance of Winter Training for your Future Career development & Clearing your Basic concepts

Training is one of the most important phenomenons taken into consideration when any candidate especially a fresher is entering into the world of corporate. The scenario is very much obvious for an engineering student also because industry strongly emphasizes on technical expertise, skills and implementation rather than theoretical knowledge. So different companies provides Summer Training, Winter Training, Six months industrial training etc. Training is the process of enhancing the skills, capabilities and practical knowledge of the candidate. Training process moulds the thinking of the employees and leads to quality performance of the employees.

Usually winter training is for short duration that usually takes place for 2/4 weeks. Students have a very good opportunity to brush up their technical know-how. Most of the colleges do not provide the proper infrastructure and that is why technical training becomes very necessary to get a job with handsome pay package in the market. The winter training is fruitful for the students because usually the batch is not very crowded like that of summer training. Summer training is a compulsion for most of the BTECH students because they have to show their certificates in their colleges to get a degree.

The winter training batch consists of maximum 10-15 students since it usually happens during the winter vacation. During this time trainer gets an opportunity to coach and mentor individual with much more care and attention. Since the batch is less crowded it becomes convenient for the technical trainer to solve the personal queries of each and every individual. Thus it becomes easier for an Engineering student to extract as much practical exposure as he can and grasp enough knowledge to clear his concepts and clarify his doubts.

Students are getting ample opportunities if they join the winter training course. First of all suppose if a candidate pursue winter training in Core Java it becomes easier for him to learn advanced Java during the summer training because he is already updated with the concepts. In addition he will be getting a separate certificate which is an added advantage for him when he is going to apply for job in the market. Students from all the stream like BE/ BTECH/MCA/BSC IT/MSCIT/Diploma holders can do the summer training to enhance their skill and make themselves employable in the market. Remember there is do dearth of jobs in the market but there is actually shortage of proper skilled personnel and competent workforce. Rapid technological innovations impacting the workplace have made it necessary for all the candidates to constantly upgrade and update their skills with latest cutting edge technologies that the market demands like android, silver light, WCF, WWF, Joomla, SharePoint etc. Candidates have to work in multidimensional areas which usually demands far more that there are of specialization.

Last but not the least the final prognosis is that employees who are specialists in IT or have IT skills have a close to 40% better chance of getting employed than those with non IT skills. Taking time to invest in IT skills training may be perhaps the single most worthwhile and advantageous thing any person can do to beat the harsh realities of a tough economy.

Technical training is imperative to anyone entering or currently involved in the technological field. The job market has become competitive and potential employers are looking for, well educated and trained employees. Students are suggested to do some homework in order to find the best training program and options available for you to become and remain successful.


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