Urge and Importance of 6 Months Industrial Training for Engineering Students

Engineering is one of the most demanding and sought out professions in India. Every year lakhs of students are opting for BE or BTECH course after completion of their schooling. The mushroom growth of Private Engineering colleges has affected the quality of education in recent times and it ultimately results in lack of employment especially for freshers. Students are earning a formal degree through BTECH or BE but they lack the technical expertise that is needed in the industry. Nowadays companies are very reluctant to provide on the job training to freshers. Instead they want 100 % output from day one. There comes the importance of six months industrial trainings for BE/ BTECH students from various training organizations.

Students also have the option to opt for winter training or summer training for 4/6 weeks. This can be beneficial for BTECH graduates who are in the 1st or 2nd year of their Engineering semester. It is always good for them to brush up their technical knowledge. Reason being most of the times either the college lacks to provide the proper state-of-the –art infrastructure of technical lab facilities or the students fail to pay appropriate attention to the classes. But for the final year students who are searching for job in the market they need to be trained and well-versed with Technology to get a job in the market that is already saturated. So they should always go for 6 months industrial training program where they have the option to work along with live industrial projects.

This 6 months industrial training definitely helps the students to get a good job in the market. The market is fiercely competitive and they want to absorb the quality candidates. These 6 months time period gives him or her opportunity to become technically sound once again, to clarify all the doubts, grasp technical know-how and gain technical expertise. It is advised to the students that if they really want to gain a strong technical exposure then they should opt for training companies instead of training institutes. Most of the engineering colleges are located in North India or South India. These Training companies have also come into existence mostly in metro cities like Delhi-NCR, Noida, Bangalore, Pune etc.

Students must join a training company that deals with technical training, software and embedded product development and as well as consulting services. The company must be having a strong HR and Placement Coordination division that help’s to place the students in various companies once they complete 6months industrial training with exposure into live projects. A particular candidate although will not earn during his initial training period but he has the privilege to work like an employee and get an exposure in all the verticals and domain. The training company must have separate software and embedded product development team that has developed web based applications for various clients, have also delivered corporate trainings. So students after getting trained will find it much easier to survive in the industry and climb up the ladder of success through hike in salary. The training companies like this works on personality development programs for the students because technical skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, attitude are some of the most significant factors that the companies will take into consideration while absorbing a potential candidate


6 thoughts on “Urge and Importance of 6 Months Industrial Training for Engineering Students

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